About Us

Treat the problem, not the symptoms

Life-changing complementary medicine at COHA

Everyone deserves good health.
But far too few people enjoy it. The stresses and strains of 21st-century living make sure of that. Our job is to redress the balance – not with 21st-century drugs, but through ancient techniques honed by centuries of use and verified by modern academic research.

At COHA we treat you as an individual – as a single entity deserving a life-enhancing balance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. So we tailor our treatments to your circumstances. We get to the root cause of your problem because that’s the only route to long-term health.

Ancient knowledge, modern research

Many of the techniques we use at COHA have been developed over hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. Even now, we’re improving those methods. We continue to study and to augment ancient learning with modern analytical methods. Our results are clinically proven.

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