Acupuncture Treatment for Bruising and Swelling in Bermuda

Bruising occurs more frequently as we age. This is particularly the case for women. The skin becomes thinner, collagen structures weaken, and there is less fat to cushion and protect compromised capillary walls. With even the slightest bump, capillaries can leak blood into surrounding tissue. Those who take medications or supplements that thin the blood may find it takes longer for a bruise to disappear.

Swelling is a symptom that can result from a number of underlying conditions. After eating foods containing high levels of sodium, an individual can become bloated. The feet, fingers and waist will swell, and ring jewelry, clothing and shoes will feel tighter than usual. For further information, please refer to our article on fluid retention and oedema.

Also, when you have been standing or sitting for a period of time, the legs, ankles and feet can swell. This is usually harmless. Leg swelling, however, can indicate a more serious condition such as heart disease. If the swelling does not resolve after commencing activity, it can indicate deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot. Swelling also occurs in lymph nodes. This happens when one is exposed to threatening viruses or bacteria. The swelling may be noticeable particularly under the chin, armpits or groin area. It is normally harmless and shows that the nodes are doing their job.

The important point is to see your physician if the symptoms of swelling or bruising do not resolve or if they occur with any number of other symptoms such as changes in urine, nausea, cough, breath shortness or irregular heartbeat.

Complementary and Alternative Treatment

When the spleen is deficient in qi, a person may bruise easily. The vessels do not effectively hold blood. Acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee writes that one function of the spleen is to “hold things in place including holding blood in the vessels.” Holistic treatments that increase the energy, or tonify, the spleen include acupuncture, dietary adjustments and herbal formulas. She also mentions that vitamin C and vitamin K can be helpful. Vitamin C enhances the building of collagen, and collagen helps support the connective tissue around blood vessels. Vitamin K encourages clotting. If you are taking blood-thinning medications, in order to avoid serious interactions, steer clear of vitamin K and herbal supplements.

Eastern holistic treatments for swelling depend on the cause of the swelling. The symptom of swelling reveals the presence of imbalances in the body, and holistic interventions seek to directly remedy these imbalances.

Dr. Cann and his staff have treated many conditions that manifest with the symptoms of swelling and bruising. In most cases, allopathic and complementary interventions can work side-by-side for the betterment of the patient’s well-being.

To schedule an appointment for treatment of Bruising and Swelling, contact Dr. Cann at COHA Health at 1.441.295.7612.

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