Acupuncture Treatment for Increased Energy and Overall Wellness in Bermuda

Unlike traditional eastern medicine, the foundation of the western medical model is the management, or cure, of disease. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines the word “allopathic” as “relating to or being a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by using remedies, which produce effects that are different from or incompatible with those of the disease being treated.” There is validity to both systems. However, one is a disease model while the other is one of wellness and prevention. This is changing, however, and many allopathic practitioners are beginning to focus on the prevention of disease.

In our blog, we have discussed complementary and alternative treatments for many disorders and diseases as diagnosed under the western system of medicine. We have repeatedly stated that the diagnostic approach under traditional eastern medicine is different, and we have also said that the eastern diagnostic pattern encompasses, or relates to, the western diagnosis. Despite this, eastern medical interventions and practices follow from patterns diagnosed based on eastern medical theory. The relating of one diagnostic system to the other is merely to enable the western mind to better understand traditional eastern medical practices.

When a client presents with the nonspecific complaint of low energy, we will do a complete diagnostic evaluation. We will, of course, seek the cause of the low energy. It may be that the person is meant to be resting at this point in time. Irrespective of his or her conscious desire to be an energy powerhouse, the body has its own wisdom and may be informing the person that it is time to take a break. By observing the body’s wisdom, and taking a rest, the individual may prevent illness. However, if there is pathology, complementary and alternative practices will work to expel the pathogen and treat energy imbalances, blockages and stagnations.

Often, an individual merely wishes to maintain wellness. Holistic practices, such as acupuncture, simply make people feel good. There may be some qi stagnation or an excess or deficiency of yin or yang in the organs. If this is the case, acupuncture treatments can prevent the development of more serious issues. In this way, eastern medical practices and interventions focus on maintaining wellness and preventing illness.

We invite you to peruse our blog and review articles that discuss acupuncture’s role in maintaining health. A strong immune system helps maintain health and avert illness. This falls under the preventive role of complementary and alternative medicine. Please refer to our article on autoimmune support. Taking time to relax can enhance wellness, and meditation practice, acupuncture, Tai Chi and Tuina massage can enable a person to kick back from a hectic world.

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