Acupuncture Treatment for Nausea in Bermuda

Nausea is a symptom that results from a wide variety of underlying causes. Nausea can occur with chemotherapy treatments. One may feel nauseous upon awakening from general anesthesia. Feelings of nausea occur with motion sickness, migraine headaches, hangovers, food poisoning, dizziness, ear infections and anxiety disorders. Pregnant women may experience the nausea of morning sickness. The list of maladies giving rise to this symptom is extensive. When nausea does not subside, it is important to consult with your allopathic physician.

Like all holistic medical approaches, acupuncture treats the underlying cause of a symptom. Please review articles on this website that discuss specific conditions of personal interest that may cause the symptom of nausea.

Diagnostic Patterns

The diagnostic patterns that may be applicable when a person presents with the symptom of nausea can include spleen and stomach Qi deficiencies and/or damp heat, stomach yin deficiency, stomach cold or fire, and food stagnation. Other patterns are possible. As always, the appropriate acupoints selected for treatment derive from the specific diagnostic patterns.

Spleen and Stomach Imbalances

Generally, the Nei Guan acupoint on the pericardium meridian is stimulated. This point is located above the inner wrist and is commonly targeted to treat motion sickness and vomiting. It may be stimulated in combination with other relevant points when a person is diagnosed with a stomach yin deficiency or stomach fire.

There are a number of acupoints that cool and disperse stomach and spleen damp heat. Also, spleen Qi can be affected by a Qi deficiency of the stomach. Point 36 on the stomach meridian, also called Zusanli, is appropriately targeted for many imbalances of the stomach and spleen that result in nausea or vomiting. The Zhong Wan point located on the conception vessel meridian is sometimes stimulated to tonify excess or deficient patterns of the spleen. This point also balances stomach Qi and yin.

Food Stagnation

Food stagnation is a condition of excess and can occur from overeating. The tongue may be white or yellow with a thick coating, and the food stagnation may be associated with cold or heat. The overeating affects the absorption of nutrients and the transformation of Qi. The latter process is the job of the spleen. The stomach is left, so to speak, holding an accumulation of putrid matter. With food stagnation in the stomach, the acupuncturist may treat acupoints ST 44, Neiting, ST 45, Lidui, and SP 4, Gongsun.

It is apparent that the diagnostic process under eastern medical practice is highly individualized and complex. The practitioners at COHA Health are available to diagnose and treat your medical concerns manifesting with the symptom of nausea.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cann for treatment of Nausea, please call COHA Health at 1.441.295.7612.

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