Acupuncture Treatment for Travel Anxiety and Stress in Bermuda

Many people experience anxiety prior to and during travel. Whether one travels by air, water or ground, anticipation of delays due to traffic and bad weather can increase stress and anxiety levels. Even with careful planning, many events are not within our control. Feelings of nausea, headache, constipation and other digestive problems are frequent symptoms of the internally generated stress around the travel experience.

Anticipatory Anxiety

Remembering prior experiences of motion sickness, headaches or digestive problems is enough to increase one’s level of anticipatory anxiety. The anticipation of repeating these unpleasant occurrences can increase the likelihood that they will, indeed, occur again.

Keep in mind that stress and relaxation cannot exist at the same time, so one approach is to practice relaxation techniques prior to executing travel plans and during stressful travel situations. Holistic eastern practices include a variety of techniques that can relieve stress and anticipatory anxiety. Meditation is one such practice as is Tai Chi. The western psychotherapeutic technique of progressive relaxation is also helpful.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness can result when the body and inner ear sense motions that are not perceived visually. Adequate air circulation while moving can help as can sitting in the front seat of the car or over the wing of the airplane. When traveling by ship, motion sickness can be minimized by standing outside on the deck and viewing the horizon. Focusing one’s eyes on the distant horizon also helps when traveling by automobile. Obviously, smoking can make the situation worse. Also not surprising, reading while feeling motion increases the disconnection between what the body senses and what the eyes see.

Holistic Treatment

Acupuncture treatments prior to traveling can enhance relaxation. The acupoint PC 6, also known as Nei Guan, is commonly targeted to treat motion sickness and nausea. This point is located on the inner wrist above the crease. Other points are relevant, and the acupuncturist will stimulate appropriate points depending on your individual issues.

Your practitioner will recommend staying hydrated and avoiding heavy, greasy meals and alcoholic beverages. He or she may suggest some herbal supplements. Treatment for travel anxiety will vary from one person to another. However, it is probable that effective treatment will involve a combination of techniques such as acupuncture treatments, mind-body practices and dietary adjustments.

Be assured that Dr. Cahn will provide individualized treatment and guidance concerning your stress and travel anxiety. To schedule an appointment, contact COHA Health at 1.441.295.7612.

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