Good nutrition: the basis for human health

Without the right nutrients, the human body cannot function at its best. Nutritional health products help to keep illness at bay, and they speed recovery if you do fall ill.

Discover our nutritional products.

Nutritional consulting

The first step is a consultation to find out about your diet and lifestyle. We’ll dig deep to see what’s troubling you, what’s lacking from your diet, and what you should be cutting out.

Tried and tested products

Our nutritional health products have been tested through centuries of use. We pick only the most efficacious top-quality ingredients grown in pristine locations. In fact they’re so remote from 21st-century pollutants, they’re beyond the reach of any kind of organic certification scheme. Many are presented in their natural form. Others are processed to isolate the active ingredients for ready absorption by the human body. All processing is entirely chemical-free.

Wide range of herbs, tonics, supplements, and liniments
All products individually prescribed by the COHA team
Active ingredients in highly available states for easy absorption
All products 100% chemical-free
No fillers or stabilisers

Chinese tonics

  • High-grade, hand-sourced herbs
  • For health, wellbeing, and longevity
  • Highly efficacious nutraceuticals

Super foods

  • Super greens
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Raw snacks
  • Concentrated natural nutrition


  • Balms and salves
  • Tonic creams

Chinese medicinal herbs

  • For acute and chronic conditions
  • High-grade nutraceuticals
  • Highly effective

Wild teas

  • Hand-sourced teas
  • Natural herbal tonics
  • Refreshing and invigoration

Skincare products

  • Calming and rejuvenating
  • Organic ingredients
  • No parabens or harmful petroleum products

Organic supplements

  • High-grade vitamins and minerals
  • In highly available states
  • In their most natural form

Longevity tonics

  • Tinctures and elixirs for longer life
  • For health, beauty, and wellness

Find the nutritional product that’s right for you

We stock a huge range of nutritional products.
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Order in complete confidence

We have more than 15 years’ experience in the prescribing of natural health products.
We’ll pick the products you need in the strengths that are right for your size, weight, and medical condition.
If a combination of products would be most effective, we’ll make sure you only consume those that work in harmony with each other.

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