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‘Sifu Cann is Bermuda’s unsung medical hero’

I used to suffer with a painful shoulder problem. It went on for months; nothing would make it better. Then I heard about acupuncture with Dr Sifu Cann. I’m not a big fan of needles, but decided to give it a go.

‘Dr Cann was amazing. He used ten needles, yet I didn’t feel a thing. The effects, however, were fantastic. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation – and my shoulder eased immediately.

‘That was over 20 years ago. Since then I’ve seen him at least twice a month. Sifu Cann is Bermuda’s unsung medical hero. He achieves excellent clinical results without the unpleasant side effects of drugs. His acupuncture and his lifestyle coaching have created a personal revolution in my life.

Dudley Thomas, Bermuda


I didn’t realise how much pain I’d been living with till after it had gone

‘I was a fit and strong 48-year-old, training for a marathon and averaging over 20 miles a week. Then, the weekend before my race, I felt the first pangs in my back. The next day, the pain was so bad I couldn’t even make it from the parking lot to the doctor’s.

‘For the next two years I was in pain. There was no release. Nothing really worked – I wore a back brace, took pain and anti-inflammatory pills, bought a high-priced mattress, did core work at the gym, underwent deep tissue massage, etc. I thought the pain was something I would just have to live with.

‘A friend referred me to COHA. I knew nothing of acupuncture but I called them that very day and they scheduled me in for that week. I knew something was happening after my very first treatment. Why would I be more sore just because someone put some pins in me? Actually, I’m not really certain he did put pins in me because I felt no pricks or discomfort. The morning after my second treatment I knew it was working. Little by little, my pain has reduced to such a level that when I wake each morning I now swing my legs off the bed and get straight up.

‘I have started running again too. I’m not up to the old pace, but I average 15+ miles a week and the only soreness is in my legs. A really excellent feeling. The improvement really hit me one day when crossing a street in town. I made a sudden jump onto the sidewalk to avoid a speeding bike and noticed no pain – none. It was only after the pain had gone that I realised just how much pain I had been living with. My life is more enjoyable now and the results came much faster than I expected.’

RobLee Womack, Jr, Houston, Texas


Without COHA, I would not be here, nor would I have experienced motherhood

In 2004 I was hospitalized in Florida while on vacation. During my stay at Sandlake Memorial Hospital, I was an absolute mystery to 5 doctors. Every day they were treating a morbidly obese woman who weighed 525lbs upon arrival. I was treated for fluid and then released from hospital with no real explanation as to what my issues were.When I visited my doctor here in Bermuda, he too was confused. He stressed that I needed to take blood thinners, which I refused. I then decided to change doctors. My new doctor was also confused but suggested I try alternative medicine, as he had no answers.

My mother and I continued to research the Internet looking for answers. But it was only when my mother visited the health food store that the clerk said I should visit COHA Ltd. When I arrived at COHA, I explained that I was totally frustrated that no one could help me and stressed that this was my final resort. After a consultation with Dr. Sifu Cann, he showed me that my body needed lots of attention, and that acupuncture and Chinese herbs were the answer. I began treatments with him twice a week for months, and I could honestly feel myself healing.

I was having many issues including no sexual desires, hair dropping out, no period for over a year and fluid retention. After having treatments for over a year I was told I was pregnant and I was considered high risk because of my size, age of 41 and medical history. I continued acupuncture during my pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy baby girl in 2006 – my one and only child. Jokingly I say that Dr. Sifu Cann got me pregnant!

Dr. Sifu Cann, Michelle and Pat have been a Godsend to my whole family and me. Without them I’m sure I would not be here to write this testimony nor would I have experienced motherhood.

Dr. Sifu Cann is the most intelligent person I’ve ever met and I’m so blessed to have met him. I trust everything he ever tells me and I will continue to say that without his knowledge and help, I would be dead. Alternative medicine is the only answer to healthy living for the mind, body and soul.

Thank you COHA Family, I love you!

Wendy (and Tamera) Burchall, Bermuda


I’ve never felt better

Over five years ago, I was introduced to “Sifu” Cann. Sifu changed by life. I’ve never felt better. From acupuncture, to superfoods and supplements, Sifu and COHA are ahead of anything else in Bermuda. I recommend him highly.Delores Scott-Burrows, Bermuda


My first choice for medical advice and pain management

I started visiting COHA in 2005 because of two unresolved health issues. I wasn’t happy with the non-results I was receiving from my Western medicine doctors. Immediately, I knew this environment would be beneficial for me. Not only were the store managers and employees helpful and informative, they were welcoming and professional at all times.Over the years, Dr. Sifu Cann has helped me through many acute and chronic illnesses. He is my first choice for medical advice and pain management, and I recommend Dr. Sifu and all of the employees at COHA to anyone who wants to live a full, complete and healthy life. Whatever your needs maybe, from nutrition to massage therapy, COHA is the healing centre for me.

Yvonne DeCosta, Bermuda


No more prescription drugs or pain killers for back pain

I have suffered from lower back pain for over 20 years due to a slight curvature in my spine. At one point over 15 years ago, I underwent surgery for a herniated disc. After years of physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory prescription drugs and doctor visits, my family doctor asked me if I was open to an alternative treatment for my persistent back issues. My response was a resounding “yes”, so he referred me to COHA where I met Sifu Reginald Cann. And there began my journey of healing and general well-being.It’s been three years since I began acupuncture treatments at COHA. Since visiting Sifu Cann the frequency and duration of my “back episodes” has reduced significantly and I no longer take any prescription drugs or pain killers for back pain. In my opinion this is due not only to the acupuncture but the entire treatment regime and approach by Sifu Cann. I have become more knowledgeable about herbal and nutritional supplements which play a key role in managing my back issues in addition to contributing to my overall general well-being.

In addition to acupuncture treatments for back pain, I have also sought treatment for other ailments from time to time with successful results. I realize that acupuncture is not the answer to everything that ails me; however I find that it compliments traditional western medicine very nicely. I use the counsel and expertise of both my Family Doctor and Sifu Cann, depending on the circumstances.

My introduction to COHA has assisted me in adapting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, weight reduction and maintenance and learning methods of stress management through Tai Chi and Qi Gong training.

I can only speak to my own experience and it certainly works for me!

Herman G Tucker, JP, Bermuda



A decision to live a “purpose driven journey of life” is not only a declaration but a very intimate and personal experience. Trusting God to be your director confirms the importance of living a healthy life. There are 5 components of a healthy living and it can only be achieved if you become in tuned with our inner man (self). The components are physical, mental, emotional, psychological, (last but of the ultimate importance) spiritual. Finding balance and maintaining these components is a lifelong process. Life situations continue to challenge the process of our healthy living. This testimony address the physical challenge I have had to bare.

During my late 30’s to early 40’s I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my back (4 and 5 vertebrae). I remember crying on my way home. Fear came over me, at the time I didn’t understand why I was filled with fear. Later on I was told it was in my knees and hips. I remember going for an MRI on my left hip and the technician came in looking very concerned and purposefully helped me off the table. Wow!!! What was that all about? A visit to me GP, I found out that I also have bursitis to my hip along with arthritis. Inflammation was attacking my joints.

I began a medical journey that included anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers. I even had my nerves burnt. I was told it would grow back so I went with it. Thank you for the brief relief. Time marched on and included my son putting a railing on my outside wall which ended up being the best birthday gift re: my diagnosis. I use to pull myself up the steps at home and work.

God directed me to an awesome New Life Chiropractor, Dr. Daponte, that worked with my disorder for years (a release from strong meds that had a list of side effects). In fact, this Dr. believed in holistic living and spent the time encouraging me to lose weight (definitely a part of me having the disorders). He is compassionate and very interested in his patients.

The early part of last year I underwent a left hip replacement. From the time it was decided to take place (I 100% wanted it), a fear came over me. I was so fearful that tears constantly filled my eyes and I did not know why (especially if it was going to give relief, right). The operation was a success and I thank both my GP and surgeon for what they did for me to make it happen. The healing process took physio and this included discomfort. I stopped before I should have.

That’s when my life turned upside down. From September until January of this year my life became full of non-stop pain in my back, both hips and knees. Constantly I was suffering including the interruption of my sleep. My pain progressed to my legs and finally my neck and shoulder was stiff. My surgeon prescribed strong doses of anti-inflammatory meds to give me relief. I could see he was perplexed and concerned the last time I saw him.

I took the meds religiously as prescribed; but, I became a “walking zombie”. I was so drugged up that I struggled to function at work, my thoughts were confused and cloudy. I now became concerned. I resorted back to my chiropractor who began my process of becoming pain free to a certain point. He introduced me to earthing/grounding which bought me a long way to being pain free. (Please google it). I went religiously to my appointments.

There came a time when I knew I needed to take the pain relief to another level. Dr. DaPont, during one of my sessions asked if had acupuncture before and told me about Dr. Cann’s practice. Finding a holistic approach was very important to me. I visited Dr. Cann’s office took the initial advice from his awesome frontline staff in buying herbal products (such as Turmeric Strength for joint and other products) that combat the inflammation that riddled my body; I also made an appointment to see Dr. Cann.

The initial appointment: a very humble and soft spoken man entered the room. All anxiousness and anxiety left me. His spirit permeated the room. An experience you will remember for a life time. The atmosphere of his practice (domain) allows you to begin a journey of healing. Dr. Cann asked me to explain why I was there and I basically said “Dr. I have a $46,000.00 hip I am yet to enjoy, let’s not forget it has a lifespan of 15 years and the 1st years has gone by”. An oriental medical doctor that changed the course of his profession offering long term relief for all ailments. Just imagine what that means. He knows the anatomy and how it works so including the holistic approach takes him to a level that is spirit-driven. Hence completing his purpose driven journey.

That was April of this year. A body pain ridden including sciatica, I hurt from my neck to my heel. The intensity of the pain can only be described and understood by those whose body is progressively being attacked by inflammation. I left my first visit and based on the acupuncture, phlegm poured out of me for almost two weeks straight. Out of every body exit. Dr. Cann spent time helping to understand what my experiences were and what I will always need to combat osteoarthritis (inflammation). As time has gone on, I have experienced touches that literally took intense pain from 10 to 1 on the spot. I could feel the decline of the pain.

I don’t know what you are suffering from but I can tell you, there is relief. Today is June 24 and I am almost pain free. On a scale of 1 to 10; 10 being no pain, I am a 9.55. Oh I forgot, when I first had my consultation with Dr. Cann, I asked if I could experience a pain free life again and his response was “TRUST THE PROCESS”. I use this quote throughout my Life. Also, I always say positive, possibilities: negative, limitations.

Thank you Dr. Cann and your whole team.