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We get to the root cause of your problem
we don't chase the symptoms.

Complementary Medicine

COHA blends eastern knowledge with western rigour. From acupuncture Bermuda style, massage and martial arts to detoxing and nutrition, we give you the best of all worlds: the time-proven results of ancient technologies combined with modern evidence-based science. The results are more than life-enhancing; for many of our clients, they're life-changing.

Ancient knowledge, modern research

Our treatments are tailored to your circumstances. Getting to the root cause of your problem is the only route to long-term health. Results are clinically proven with continuous study to augment ancient learning with modern analytical methods.


Health solutions and treatments specifically tailored for you to improve your overall quality of life


Oriental Medicine


Infrared Sauna
Foot Detox

Lymphatic Drainage

Martial Arts


Manual Therapy


Coha treats each individual through the
use of Ancient Medicine and Wisdom



If you want to swap a lifetime of deeply ingrained behaviors for some fresh thinking and a can-do attitude towards healthy eating, exercise, and time out with friends and family, you need our support.

Lifestyle Path

Start on the path to wellness and positive choices with our treatments and products ranging from herbal tonics to skincare. It’s like rebooting your mindset: putting the old you to one side and starting afresh as the person you really want to be.

Make Healthy Choices

By speaking with Coha Health we can help you make your own healthy lifestyle choices. Once you have learnt how to form new habits it becomes second nature. Start with a treatment plan and choose from a range of health products found in store.