Profound Ancient Longevity
Qi Gong Retreat
Costa Rica
April 8-15, 2023

With Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann

Join Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann for his Seventh lifetime exotic retreat

In the stunning Costa Rican Mountains to learn some of the secrets of Profound Ancient knowledge. The Profound Ancient Longevity Qi Gong Retreat delivers a litany of benefits. These include cellular level detoxification, regulation of yin / yang organs, strengthening of the body, increasing overall energy and vitality, building the immune system, calming the nervous system, and promoting overall wellness and peace of mind.

The Retreat is to be held at the spectacular Pura Vida Spa, a mountain paradise at 5200 feet, only minutes from the San Jose International Airport which, enjoys balmy daytime temperatures that average 73° F and equally mild nights.

Invest in a happier and healthier you — with recreation, relaxation, adventure, delicious meals and daily seminars with like-minded people.

What will you learn?

• Taoist Longevity Qi Gong

• Taoist Tai Chi

• Meridian Channel Activation

• Partner Healing Body Work

• (Spinal Release / Foot Reflex)

• Benefits of Powerful Tonic Herbs

• Benefits of Super Foods

• (with sample tasting)

Detox & Renew Your Body

• Health-minded Buffet-style Meals

• Vegan Meals

• Gluten Free Options

• Fresh Juice Served Daily

• Exotic Super Smoothies

• No Artificial Sweeteners

• No Processed Foods

• Refreshing Filtered Spring Water

Daily Adventures

• Canopy Tour

• Waterfall Gardens

• Zip Lining

• Skywalk

• White Water Rafting

• Hot Springs

• Boat Tour

• Horse Back Riding

Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann

OBT., HHP, MTOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac, MMQ, OMD

Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann is an internationally known master instructor, practitioner, and student of martial arts and Chinese medicine. His interest in Oriental healing arts began when he took up karate as a young teenager.

Dr. Cann took up Goju Kyu Karate here in Bermuda. His mentor was Sensei Skipper Ingham. After 18 months training, he was introduced to the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu style (Bak-Sil-Lum). After studying both karate and kung fu for six months, he decided to concentrate on kung fu. Dr. Cann then undertook ten years of intense training with Sifu Al Wharton in the Bak-Sil-Lum style of kung fu.

Dr. Cann left Bermuda in 1977 to pursue higher education and undertake broader professional career development on the east and west coasts of America and throughout Asia.
With over 25 years of clinical experience in treating a wide variety of health problems and having studied with Masters in South-East Asia and the US, Dr. Cann specializes in acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, clinical nutrition and internal medicine. He now specializes in the medicinal and internal health-giving aspects of martial arts.

Together with his academic pursuits, in 1989 Dr. Cann introduced Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Oriental Medicine to Bermuda and continued to train in several Shoalin styles of Kung Fu, Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts with some of the world’s foremost masters. In addition to his private medical practice, Dr. Cann teaches Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong in Bermuda, the United States, Asia and South America.